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Hi, I'm Chef Todd Mohr...
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Chef Skill #1
Will teach you how to correctly prep ingredients for ease, safety, simplicity, variety and consistency in your cooking every time!
This is the skill that most home cooks ignore, but they shouldn't!
Chef Skill #2
Will teach you how to identify when your food is "done" 
exactly as you want it - with 
no overcooking or undercooking.
You may have your very first big 
"a-ha" moment when you see this!
Chef Skill #3
Will teach you the simplest way to create hundreds of sauces, using ingredients you have on hand, to enhance everyday meals in a snap!
Tip: This is the fastest & easiest way to endless variety in cooking!
Chef Skill #4
Will teach you the sneaky simple techniques that Chefs use to make meals taste delicious, without over-flavoring, adding tons of calories, or having to purchase expensive ingredients.
Hint: This separates good cooks from GREAT cooks.
Chef Skill #5
Will teach you my own ridiculously simple, yet amazingly powerful, secret formula for creating delicious meals at home in under 30 minutes, using ingredients you probably already have in your pantry.
This one REALLY blows people away!
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